Ticonderoga #2, Sharpened Pencils, 18 Count


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Ticonderoga Classic Yellow No 2 pencils are The World’s Best Pencil. The naturally ergonomic shape and satin smooth finish enhances writing comfort on your fingers and hand grip. Our exclusive #2 graphite lead formula provides extra smooth performance and delivers a broad, smooth line right onto the paper. The top quality, latex-free top eraser provides easy, clean corrections. These pencils sharpen evenly and smoothly, with minimal wood or lead breakage. Made with premium wood from responsibly managed forests and PMA certified non toxic, Ticonderoga products are preferred by school teachers for their dependability and genuine craftmanship.


Ticonderoga Classic Yellow No 2 Pencils, Pre Sharpened, 18 Ct

  • Number 2 Pencil
  • Available with or without built-in latex-free eraser
  • Available sharpened or unsharpened
  • Available in Primary, Laddie, and Standard


Choose Your Size – Ticonderoga pencils are available in three sizes. In addition to our standard pencil size, we offer two larger sizes specifically designed to make it easier for little hands to grip.

  1. Primary – My First Pencil – 13/32″ Diameter
  2. Intermediate – Laddie – 11/32″ Diameter
  3. Standard – 1/4″ Diameter


Choose Your Number – The number on the side of each Ticonderoga pencil indicates the degree of hardness of the writing core. The higher the number, the harder the core and the lighter the mark.

  • #1 Extra Soft
  • #2 Soft
  • #2.5 Medium
  • #3 Hard
  • #4 Extra Hard


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